The Key to Success in Internet Marketing is Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important process of search engine optimization. It’s a crucial step that gets ignored by many webmasters. Keywords are the key to your site’s success and without them, your site can’t compete with those that do it right. Let’s explore why this is the case and what you need to look for when it comes to keyword research.

Most importantly, keyword research helps you understand your audience. For search engine optimization, this means understanding your customer. In essence, keyword research is the heart and soul of your site’s internet marketing strategy. If you simply use keywords blindly, no matter which ones you use, you only use the voice of the people who will be able to best respond to your offers and make your site relevant to their needs.


However, keyword research is also the most essential step when it comes to choosing the right keywords that will bring about the right amount of traffic. The main reason for this is because your keywords must be relevant to your site’s content. In other words, if your keywords aren’t right for your page, then there’s a high chance that not enough people will find it. This simply means that the right time to start using keywords is when you already have good rankings for it.

On the flip side, marketers often use keywords randomly without considering their possible impact on the site’s SERPs. They do so because they don’t know how to pinpoint the right ones to use. Some marketers choose keywords randomly even if they have keyword research tools at hand. If they use tools, however, they only come up with a handful of potential seeds that they can use. In other words, they have no way of determining which of these keywords will be best for their sites.

In fact, there are two types of keyword research tools – those that are web-based and those that are desktop-based. Using a web-based keyword planner is more convenient because everything is done online. All you need to do is login to the site, enter in the relevant information and instantly see the right keyword research results in front of you. Meanwhile, the desktop-based keyword research tool requires that you download and install a particular software that enables you to access the tools from your desktop. This means that you won’t be interrupted by any pop-ups nor do you need to take extra time locating your computer. This is good if you are working on the go.

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The Keyword Magic tool is designed to make your keyword research easier by giving you more refined results, with more data to back them up.

While you still get your usual data – CPC and Volume – you can also get a deeper insight into Keyword Difficulty, Competition, and SERP features.

As the cherry on top, the tool automatically gathers keyword variations, including groupings, questions, and related keywords

Another essential step in keyword research would be to identify the foundational keywords that would use to construct your site. These foundational keywords are the most essential ones that would determine how other people will understand your site. For example, if you’re into fashion, then you would use “fashion” as your foundational keywords. The next thing to do is to find out how many web pages provide information about the basic topics associated with your niche.

This can be done by using the terms that you find as a whole or by targeting certain phrases that seem to fit your content strategy. Afterward, the next step is to find out where the majority of the search results have come from – this is called backlinks. Backlinks are actually small links that lead directly to a particular page on your site that contains the content strategy that you have created. Keyword research tools can help you find out more about backlinks, but if you want to know the actual numbers, you would need to use more advanced keyword research tools.

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What makes Semrush an even better keyword research tool is the detailed keyword analytics it provides. You can drill down into the long tail keywords while still remaining incredibly specific to your target.

Last but not least, a major part of keyword research tools will offer you data feeds. These are areas where the marketer can analyze the number of searches each of the keywords receives on a daily basis. Sometimes, these feeds can even show you which keyword phrases appear the most in search results. This is useful for creating content strategy around these keywords that will get the most traffic at the same time. By following this simple strategy, any Internet marketer can easily become an expert in keyword research.

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