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“Our Greatest Asset is Our Wealth of Knowledge and Our Willingness to Help Others with the Hobby of Fish Keeping and Breeding.”

Many of our members have been keeping and raising fish for many years and have probably already solved any problems you are now facing as you develop your hobby further. One of our greatest assets is our shared knowledge and our friendly members who are always happy to help you by sharing their knowledge and understanding of the hobby with you.

Our meetings sometimes  showcase a member or invited guest sharing knowledge on a particular skill or technology with the club. Recent topics have included how to build your own CO2 diffuser for a planted aquarium and creating an egg roller to help promote healthy eggs and fry and minimize deaths of eggs and young fish you raise.

If you have anything that you would like to get more information about, just ask at one of our meetings and if there is a member that can help you, you can get the information you are seeking right then and there.

If you have expertise in a particular topic, or have knowledge of how to build a certain piece of technology, please feel free to mention it at a meeting and you will be welcome to create a small, informal demonstration or talk, or answer questions at an upcoming meeting.

Our Members come from every facet of life, from blue-collar workers to professionals and all walks of life in between. The one thing we all share is a love of fish and the living aquatic masterpieces of art that we call aquariums.

Some of our members specialize in a certain type of fish, like Cichlids, Gobies, Guppies or Killifish. Some even prefer to keep fish from a particular Country (African Cichlids are popular with many of our members) or even specifically from an individual lake or river within that Country, such as Lake Tanganyika Cichlids, Lake Malawi Cichlids and so on. Others prefer a heavily planted aquarium with just a few fish. Still others like a community set up with many different types of fish and invertebrates co-existing in a peaceful world. Whether you like a lot of fish, just a few fish, or a single breeding pair, you will find that you have a lot in common with our members.